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TITTLE : International Disgrace in Japan

The Korea Football Association announced in a statement on the 18th that it would exclude Lee Sang-min, whose drunk driving history was belatedly revealed, from the Hangzhou Asian Games national team. 스포츠토토핫

The Korea Football Association said, "The player was caught drunk driving in May 2020, and on August 5 of that year, a fine of 5 million won was confirmed for violating the Road Traffic Act." According to Article 17 of the Association's "National Football Team Operation Regulations," a fine of more than 5 million won is sentenced for drunk driving, and a person who has been sentenced less than three years cannot become a national team member. Therefore, according to regulations, Lee cannot be selected for the national team until August 4, 2023."

This means that the association did not know about Lee Sang-min's qualifications for the national team in advance. The association said, "The player has been disciplined by the Professional Football Federation for drunk driving while playing for the K League 2 since 2020 and has since been selected for the national team by age." "Compared to K League 1 or A national team players, neither league news nor player-related information is relatively well known to the outside world, so at the time of the first selection in 2021, related regulations were not properly reviewed."

Hwang Sun-hong, head coach of the Asian Games national team, said, "I deeply apologize for the carelessness of the coach and coaching staff in the process of selecting players. "I will pay more attention to the selection and operation of players in the future," he apologized.

The Lee Sang-min case was also reported to Japan. Soccer Digest said, "The Korea Football Association admitted to itself that it did not care about all leagues." "It is incompetent that the Korea Football Association did not know the rules," he pointed out.

The KFA's excuse that "I didn't know because it was in the second division" is an unacceptable statement under any circumstances. It is important to perform in international competitions, but it is more important for a player with legitimate qualifications to play as a national player. Korea is being laughed at by other countries even before the competition begins.