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Lim Ju-Seong Won the National Ssireum Championships[править]

Lim Ju-seong won the National Ssireum Championships in college and championship divisions

Taean-gun Office wins three weight division championships

Lim Ju-seong (Kyonggi University) won both the college and championship divisions at the 77th National Ssireum Championships.

Lim Ju-seong defeated Ahn Seong-min (Busan Seagull Ssireum Team) 2-1 in the championship division light general class (under 75kg) held at the Boryeong Sports Complex in Chungcheongnam-do on the 16th and rose to the top.

Although he gave Ahn Seong-min his first game with a bar rack,

Lim Ju-seong, who succeeded in snatching and pushing, won two consecutive victories in the championship division following last year.

Lim Joo-seong also won the 카지노사이트 championship by pushing Lee Hyeon-seo (Yeungnam University) in the university division’s light captain class.

Lim Ju-seong, who has already won 3 crowns this year (Jeungpyeong ginseng pear,

Korea Sports Council Janggi, and University Jangsa), achieved 5 crowns by adding 2 crowns that day.

Taean-gun Office took the championships in the individual division of the championships, the director's level (under 80kg), the warrior's level (under 95kg), and the general's level (under 140kg).

Kim Seong-beom (Taean-gun Office) defeated Oh Joon-yeong (Gwangju City Hall, Gyeonggi-do) 2-0 in the major general level final with hamstring pulls and back grabs, and rose to the top.

Lim Gyeong-taek (Taean-gun Office) allowed Song Su-hyeok (Taean High School) to push in the finals,

But Andari and Andari successfully pushed back and won 2-1 come-from-behind.

Master class Park Chan-joo (Taean-gun Office) succeeded in snatching and legs against fellow teammate Choi Jung-min, defeating him 2-0 and taking first place.

◇ 77th National Ssireum Championships individual match results

▲ Championship division

light general level (under 75kg)

Lim Ju-seong (Gyeonggi University) major general level (under 80kg)

Kim Seong-beom (Taean County Office) commissioner level (under 85kg)

Park Jin-woo (kyonggi university) dragon general level (under 90kg)

Hyungjin Kim (Yongin Univ.) Warrior level (less than 95kg)

Gyeongtaek Lim (Taean-gun office) Military grade (less than 105kg)

Wontaek Nam (Yeongwol-gun office) Master level (less than 140kg)

Park Chan-joo (Taean-gun office ) Director level (under 80kg)

Hong Seung-chan (Dankook University) Commissioner level (up to 85kg)

Jin Seon-woo (Daegu University) Yongjang level (up to 90kg)

Ra Hyun-min (University of Ulsan) warrior level (up to 95kg)

Lee Tae-gyu (Kyonggi University) senior level (up to 105kg) )