Обсуждение участника:Curry dominates match at Eternal Return Masters, totaling 17 kills to take first place

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Day 1 of the Group Stage of the Eternal Return Masters Open #14 was held online on May 5. With 27 players competing fiercely to determine the nine players who will advance to the finals, 'Curry' finished the group stage in first place with a total of 17 kills and 300 points. Other players who made it through the group stage included violet, GangChan, Pokpo, Nian, ELISO, persona, sadhand, and fana. One of the favorites, OneCircle, was upset to play a wild card match.

The Eternal Return Masters Open will be held for a total prize pool of 3 million won. A total of 27 players will compete in the tournament, with nine players passing the group stage as the top nine, and the remaining nine players qualifying for the finals as wild cards. The 18 players who make it through the group stage and wildcards will compete in the final match on August 8 to determine the overall winner. The Eternal Return Masters Open #14 featured nine foreign players, making the competition even more interesting.

One of the best performers in this group stage was Curry. Playing from Rio, Curry was the last man standing in rounds one, three, four, and five of the six rounds played. While Curry proved his operational skills by being the last man standing multiple times, he lacked kills, so he proved that he was also a master of engagement, totaling seven kills in Round 4 alone.

Curry switched characters in round five, playing Nadine, and was still the last man standing. While he struggled in the early and mid game, he showed his ability to improvise in crunch time, picking up three kills. Curry was described as specializing in ranged champions.

Second-place violet was able to make it through the group stage, surviving as the last man standing in Rounds 6 and 7. In particular, violet was lucky enough to be the last man standing in the final three-player survival competition in Round 7.

With a total of nine finalists in the group stage, the battle for the final ninth spot was a close one. The last man standing was 'fana', who struggled throughout the previous rounds and was eliminated early, only to pull off an improbable comeback in the final round to become the final survivor.

As the final survivor of the final round, 'fana' took the ninth and final spot with a total of 102 points. This relegated the likes of OneCircle and Proline, who were vying for the last spot, to wild cards with only four and six points respectively. In particular, OneCircle, a strong favorite, 토토사이트 will be playing in the second wild card match of their career.