Обсуждение участника:Korea Esports Association Signs Official Esports Supplies Agreement with Micronics

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The Korea Esports Association (KEA) signed an agreement with gaming equipment specialist Hanmi Micronics (MICRONICS) on Thursday (May 25) to designate its gaming gear (keyboards, mice, and headsets) as "Certified Esports Supplies".

The ceremony was held at the Korea Esports Association, and was attended by Bum-seok Choi, 성인웹툰 President of the Gaming Gear Business Division of Micronix, and Chul-hak Kim, Secretary General of the Korea Esports Association, to designate Micronix as an authorized supplier of gaming gear and promise further cooperation between the two companies.

This designation means that Micronix's gaming gear is certified by the Korea Esports Association as suitable for the stable operation of esports competitions and to help players improve their performance.

Founded in 1997, Micronix specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of gaming devices and is the official Korean importer of PNY Technology, a global manufacturing company.

Through this agreement, products designated as authorized supplies will be labeled with the 'Authorized Esports Supplies' 일본야동 mark and will be jointly promoted by the Association and the supplier. In addition, the authorized products will be used as official products for the association's organized and hosted esports events and competitions as designated by the association.

Bumseok Choi, President of Micronix Gaming Gear, said, "We are honored to be part of the official product agreement with the Korea Esports Association. "We are honored to partner with the Korea Esports Association to provide the best gaming immersive experience and the features gamers need based on our own design and engineering. Through this agreement, we hope to provide the best gaming immersion experience and further promote Micronics gaming gear to the market."

Mr. Kim Chul-hak, Secretary General of the Korea Esports Association, said, "We are pleased to have Micronix gaming gear as an authorized product of the association. We will strive to provide a good playing environment for players at events and competitions by utilizing a variety of 한국야동 'Official Esports Supplies'."