Обсуждение участника:Loud answers the call with a victory DFM is eliminated

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At dawn on June 6th, London's Copper Box Arena hosted the Losers' Bracket B of the Play-In Stage of the 2023 LoL Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), pitting Loud against Detonation FocusMe (DFM). Defying the odds, Loud swept DFM 2:0 to earn a spot in the final bracket.

The Korean mercenaries on both teams dictated the pace of the game in the early stages of the first set, with 'Steel' Moon's Nidalee opening the scoring with a mid gank and actively intervening in the lane to empower his teammates. On the bottom side, 'Root' Apelios paved the way for growth with two early kills.

It was Root's Laud who took the initiative. They gained momentum by winning the round in the first skirmish over the dragon. DFM managed to catch 'Root' once with a four-man dive, but with the advantage, Laud's operations were fast and strong. He even called in his opponent with the Hat Baron to score big. After just 24 minutes, Loud took the first set.

In game two, DFM took the early momentum, racking up kill points one by one, starting with a top gank on 'Steel' to extend their lead to 4:0. However, ROUD responded with a single kill. They quickly conceded three kills as they were dragged into a bottom-dragon side merging fight. As the fight continued, the tide gradually turned in their favor.

After picking off a 'Steel' deep in the friendly jungle, Laud took the Baron in the 20th minute. DFM tried to defend late, but it was a one-hit wonder. With the Baron buff, Lowe opened up a 7,000+ gold gap. 스포츠토토 With pressure on the Bottom Inhibitor tower, Rauh started with a death sentence on 'Seos' Thrash, and the game was over.