Обсуждение участника:Summoners War Global Esports 'SWC2023' Teaser Video Released

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Com2us (CEO Lee Ju-hwan) has released a teaser video for the "Summoners War World Arena Championship 2023" (SWC2023), a global esports competition for the global hit game "Summoners War: Arena of the Heavens" (hereinafter referred to as "Summoners War"), 섯다 and announced the start of the competition.

'SWC2023' is a global esports competition that Comptus has been organizing every year around the world since 2017. It has been held successfully for seven consecutive years, providing participants with the opportunity to compete against domestic and international talents, and spectators with the pleasure of watching world-class matches. Thanks to the game's ability to combine over a thousand types of monsters to create infinite strategies and tactics, new champions are crowned every year.

Based on these various fun elements, the tournament has been steadily expanding in scale and performance as a global esports festival. Last year's SWC2022 broke the record with 58,000 players from around the world registering to play, and the World Finals in Seoul, South Korea, was a blast online and offline, with all seats selling out quickly and the live stream attracting 200,000 concurrent users and 1.1 million cumulative views.

With the release of this teaser video, Comptus plans to once again attract the attention of users around the world and continue the excitement of global esports competitions this year.

In the video, a wind-based Weaponmaster takes on enemies on his way to the stage, followed by a fire-based Beast Rider and a water-based Battle Angel. These monsters are the most beloved by players in Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and Europe, 온라인섯다 and have come to symbolize their respective regions at this year's SWC, and their appearance on stage together represents the unity and competition of global esports.

After the summoners and monsters take the stage, the slogan and symbol "PROVE YOURSELF" appear, and the tournament period, which will run from August to November, is revealed, amplifying the anticipation of players around the world to see what big matches are in store. Comptus will open a full-scale recruitment for participants at a later date, and will select the top players from World Arena Season 24 and Season 25 from among the applicants to participate in the qualifiers.

Meanwhile, in addition to this year's SWC, Comptus is expanding its global esports activities in earnest, including the Korea-Japan Supermatch and regional tournaments, as well as strengthening its relationship with global users through regional tournament viewing parties and tours.

A teaser video for SWC2023 can be viewed on the official Summoner's War esports YouTube channel. 고스톱