Обсуждение участника:With Yang Eui-ji returning, Doosan’s winning rate also increases “Played a lot as catcher”

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Appeared as catcher in all three weekend games against LG Doosan has the upper hand with 2 wins and 1 loss.

Yang Eui-ji, 2 RBIs, timely hit

With active catcher Yang Eui-ji (36, Doosan Bears) returning in good health, Doosan's winning rate also shows an upward curve.

Doosan won 2 wins and 1 loss in the first Jamsil Rivals 3-game series of the season against the professional baseball LG Twins held from the 12th to the 14th. 안전놀이터 추천

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, who was disappointed after losing 5 wins and 11 losses in last year's match against LG, expressed his motivation as he started his first three-game series against LG this season, saying, "I want to start this season with an advantage over LG," and achieved his goal. .

The fact that Yang Eui-ji was used as a catcher throughout the three-game series against LG was also the secret to a sure-win against LG.

Yang Eui-ji felt thigh muscle pain during the KIA Tigers game on March 29 and took a short rest until April 2.

Afterwards, Manager Lee used Yang Eui-ji alternately as catcher and designated hitter. The intention was to prevent recurrence of injuries.

However, Yang Eui-ji appeared as catcher in all three games against LG.

It was a method used to reveal the importance of the LG game.

In the game on the 14th, which confirmed the 'dominant three-game series', Yang Eui-ji also contributed to the attack with 2 hits in 4 at-bats, 2 RBIs, and 1 run.

Although 'feet' is not the main weapon, the sight of him sprinting at full speed was impressive.

Yang Eui-ji, who hit a heavy hit on first base with no outs in the third inning, stepped on second base when opposing starter Son Joo-young threw a wild pitch, and reached third base from second base when Park Jun-young hit a sacrifice fly to right field. Then, when the catcher threw a fastball, he ran home and scored.

In the 7th inning, with a slight lead of 5-4, with no outs on 2nd and 3rd base, he hit a timely hit with 2 RBIs that solidified the victory. 슬롯사이트

On this day, Doosan defeated LG 9-5.

Yang Eui-ji, whom we met after the game, began by praising the pitcher like a 'homemaker', saying, "We were able to win thanks to starting pitcher Kim Dong-ju giving only 2 runs in a difficult situation and holding on until the 5th inning."

He also revealed his intention to play as a catcher as often as possible.

Yang Eui-ji said, "If my physical condition is good, I will try to play as a catcher as often as possible. I was injured at the beginning of the season, but I have now recovered a lot," and added, "The team was very considerate, so I played three consecutive weekend games in a healthy body. Take care of your body." “I want to pay more attention to this and play 800 to 900 innings as a catcher this year,” he said. 메이저 토토사이트